All the power of artificial intelligence at your service. From the simplest to the most complex needs. Ai + is not a pre-packaged product, it is totally customizable.

Our goal is to understand where the customer is and what the next step can be to improve his company and his business.


Ai + allows you to create virtual assistants, besides the simple chatbot, which interact with users through three types of interfaces accessible from any device (smartphone, desktop, tablet, totem, etc.).


  • Real time Text Chat always active and also connectable to Facebook, Telegram or your App.
  • Chat with voice interface, for a unique conversation experience thanks to the powerful semantic engines of NLP in 9 languages.
  • Digital Human Interface, an avatar that simulates human behavior in an interactive and totally customizable 3D space.

Machine Learning

Continuous learning 

The first step is to instruct the virtual assistant with the information necessary for the task he has to perform. So it is important to have data to allow him to learn and feed his intelligence.

Its Knowledge Base increases thanks to:
Question & Answer, a simple and immediate editor for frequently asked questions and answers, conversational flows and links to documents or multimedia content.
Smart Document Access, a software that makes internal documentary information such as technical manuals, contracts, etc. available to the virtual assistant.
LiveChat, a hybrid chat in which an operator takes charge of the conversation and instantly updates the basic knowledge of the virtual assistant.
Smart Document Management, allows you to digitize and make usable useful information still present on paper.

Reinforcement Learning

How does the assistant be more effective and efficient than the questions asked?
Through these three functions present in Ai +:

  • Unanswered questions, are the questions that the virtual assistant has not been able to answer and that AI + automatically archives so that the customer can then insert them in the knowledge by providing the appropriate answer
  • Conversational Forms, is the tool that Ai + uses to better profile its interlocutor to adequately carry out the foreseen actions.
  • Question Answering Disambiguation, the virtual assistant in case of doubt asks alternative questions to the user. From these new inputs, learn by overcoming his uncertainty, and become more confident in the case of subsequent similar requests.