Speed and Customization

Today end users expect quick, correct and personalized responses to their requests, in short, answers that simplify their lives and save them time. For this reason, in Ai + there are very flexible features, which allow a total customization of the bots.

Dedicated Training, the ability to train the virtual assistant to adopt sector-specific topics and terminologies in the conversation (financial, technical, legal, etc.).
Emotion Analysis, adjusts the conversation in relation to the user’s mood and reaction in order to customize the response based on the empathic bond.
Auto Form Filling, the function through which the compilation of forms is accelerated and simplified thanks to the extraction of the necessary information from the user’s requests.
Customer Tracking, contextualizes the request of its interlocutor based on the history of the conversation. Furthermore, depending on the position within the website, from relevant answers in relation to what the user is observing.
Browser Automation, the virtual assistant’s ability to navigate within the website or its application, to quickly bring the customer to the information requested or to carry out actions and searches in his place simply by asking him verbally (example adding a product to the cart , search for contacts, arrangement of a bank transfer).