Ai for customer experience

Live a new and incredible experience of connecting with your customers thanks to our artificial intelligence


Textual, vocal and conversational user interfaces in 9 languages ​​in natural language and our 100% customizable Digital Human Interface.


Continuous learning, a knowledge base that feeds on daily work, live chat, FAQs, documents, etc.


Often, in highly structured companies, the data is present on various internal applications. Ai + connects without any problem to any other software, management, website, through API.

What is Ai+

A powerful and complete ecosystem of artificial intelligence solutions.

Ai + is modular and dedicated to every type of company and for every need. It’s able to help you to  increase sales, retain loyalty and find new customers, optimize processes, reduce costs, with absolute simplicity and effortlessly, using advanced virtual assistants that can be perfectly integrated with the company’s internal systems.

Ai + is also ideal and useful for:

Analyze and normalize business data
Facilitate access and sharing of information
Support decision making on complex issues
Enhance and optimize internal resources
Make the company innovative, competitive, fast and lean.
Maintaining the know-how, the company’s assets, within the company even in the case of outgoing skills
Train new staff and much more…

Authorization to process personal data.

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